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img1 26 Aug, 2014
Rimouski, August 26, 2014 – Ressources Appalaches (APP - TSXV and OU3 - FWB), is pleased to announce
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Rimouski, August, 21 2014 – Ressources Appalaches (APP - TSXV and OU3 – FWB) is pleased to announce
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Rimouski, July, 30 2014 – In the process to become a new gold producer, Ressources Appalaches (APP -
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Rimouski, July, 10 2014 – Ressources Appalaches (APP - TSXV and OU3 - FWB) is pleased to announce th
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Rimouski, May 29, 2014 – Ressources Appalaches (APP - TSXV and OU3 - FWB) announces the closing of a
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Rimouski, Quebec, Canada – May 8, 2014 – Ressources Appalaches (APP - TSXV and OU3 - FWB) is pleased
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Ressources Appalaches (APP - TSXV and OU3 - FWB) is pleased to announce that the plant has almost reached its maximum ouput of 300 tons per day.

Rimouski, August, 21 2014 – Ressources Appalaches (APP - TSXV and OU3 – FWB) is pleased to announce that the plant has almost reached its maximum output of 300 tons per day (t/d) with an average production of 245 t/d during the first two weeks of August with a minimum of 120 t/d to 352 t/d. Production has progressed gradually from 75 to 245 t/d in four months.


Mill Operations Report

May to June




(2 months)

(1 month)

(14 days)

Ore Processed  (ton)




Daily Average (tons per day)










The ramp up period is almost completed. All plant components are working properly: grinding, gravity and flotation. Some elements remain to be optimized such as the automatic sampler and the filter press. To date, four dores were poured at the mine with final refining at Johnson Matthey (Ontario), sale of these ingots is underway. Results will be compiled and published subsequently when the mine reaches its normal production pace.


The fourth vein of the mine, located 120 m from the surface, is dewatered and ready to be exploited. Mechanical problems associated with extraction equipment caused delays, however, the Company maintains its objective to reach full capacity shortly at 300 t/d.  Access to four veins will allow the stabilization of production revenues by combining areas of high and low levels.



The return of the Dufferin Mine to production will begin another exciting chapter Nova Scotia’s gold mining history.  The Dufferin Gold Mine is an exciting undertaking in an area of Nova Scotia renowned for its gold history. The 300 tons per day milling operation will yield 20,000 to 25,000 ounces of gold per year initially with the subsequent drive to reinvestment those profits of the first years of production in order to increase mining & milling operations upwards to 600-900 tons per day; The production potential has been reviewed by a number of professionals including Mine Tech International.

The path to production is complemented with team combined over 100 years of  years of Mining experience spanning  the globe with Dr. John Thomas, Phd, Dr Andre Rancourt, Phd, Doug Keating,   the mining and milling process will allow the Dufferin Mine Project to achieve the 300 tons per day and the milling processes including crushing, gravity concentration, shaking table and floatation to reach 95% recovery at the Dufferin Mine. 



Gold mineralization in the Meguma Group of Nova Scotia, which hosts the Dufferin deposit, has been explored and mined since the 1860s. The Saddle Reef Vein of the Meguma Group is explained and correlated to Nova Scotia in the Geological Overview demonstrating the potential associated with the Dufferin Mine and surrounding Ressources Appalaches mineral claims.

The ultimate  Path to Production includes completion of due diligence, financing, mine refurbishment and most important of all, employing the right people in 2013. This process is underway and will continue until we are at production.

Since it was first established in 1994, Ressources Appalaches has targeted the discovery and development of deposits of base and precious metals located in the Appalachians and on the Quebec North Shore. In order to diversify the risks associated with its strategy, the Company holds some dozen mineral properties in various stages of development.  Ressources Appalaches has become, as of October 2011, the sole owner of the Dufferin Mine, located in Nova Scotia and intends to become a gold producer soon. The transaction included the acquisition of the ramp-access Dufferin Mine, the processing plant (mill), mining lease and infrastructure required for production. 

The latest presentation on the Saddle Reef Vein and the Opportunities at Dufferin can also be seen below.















Our Vision

To build a substantive gold exploration and mining company that:

Delivers excellent returns for investors;

Attracts and retains the best talent; and,

Is committed to innovative approaches to minimise mining's ecological footprint and social impact.




Recent Projects


The Dufferin Mine Project at Port Dufferin Nova Scotia Presentation and Technical Report      

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